How Does Jade Prevent Disasters and Bless the Wearer?

A jade stone set in a gold ring.

In addition to symbolizing dignity and authority, jade was also considered to be endowed with very high moral connotations. (Image: W.Scott Mcgill via Dreamstime)

A CEO Learns Life Lessons From a Poor Girl

Corridor inside a modern glass office building.

The CEO of a big company wants to take revenge on a poor girl who humiliated him but ends up learning a life lesson instead. (Image: Alakoo via Dreamstime)

3 Uplifting Stories: Respecting Others

A field with dying flowers.

Showing respect for others is a mark of good character and builds a solid foundation for all our relationships. (Image: allison.hare via Flickr)

To Respect Others Is to Respect Yourself

A hotel lobby.

Two candidates for a job in hotel management get a lesson in respect from an unexpected source. (Image: JSell via Pixabay)