Chinese Folklore: Li Chushi’s Divination

3D rendering of the Yin-Yang symbol contained within a glass sphere.

A Tang Dynasty official's encounter with a Taoist adept leads to the miraculous recovery of his ailing wife when he acknowledges the divine and embraces humility. (Image: Rolffimages via Dreamstime)

Jing Fang: Worldly Skill Without Spiritual Development Leads to His Downfall

Close-up of an I Ching hexagram.

Jing Fang, a master of prophecy and divination techniques, accurately predicted disasters, but he ultimately fell victim to his own predictive abilities. (Image: Rainer via Dreamstime)

Miraculous Efficacy of Ancient Chinese Medicine

An illustration of ancient Chinese doctor, Li Shizhen.

Ancient Chinese medical practitioners often left detailed records of successful treatments they applied to their patients. (Image: Tilixia via Dreamstime)

Ancient Chinese Mathematicians With the Power of Divination (Part 2)

Moon phases and the lunar cycle in the night sky.

Legendary stories passed down to us reveal that ancient Chinese mathematicians had a grasp on mystical and magical aspects of mathematics that are lost to us today. (Image: Alexandra Barbu via Dreamstime)

Divination for 2021: Danger at the End of the Gengzi Cycle

A depiction of outerspace with an opening to Heaven that shines a beam of light down on the Earth.

The end of a full cycle of the Chinese calendar is an event that happens once every 600 years and divination calls for danger at this time, the end of the Gengzi cycle. (Image: via PublicDomainPictures)