Legend of General Yang Yanzhao and the Ma Bao Spring

Artist's illustration of the Legend of General Yang Yanzhao with his white horse and the discovery of Ma Bao Spring.

General Yang Yanzhao's horse miraculously uncovers the Ma Bao Spring, providing a much-needed source of water for his troops and the local community during a time of dire need. (Image: Xia Qiongfen via The Epoch Times)

Learning From History: How the Ancient Chinese Responded to Plagues and Disasters

Ancient Chinese observing a globe mechanism.

Chinese history provides us with invaluable insights into how emperors and common folk alike managed to quell disasters and cure diseases time and again. (Image: Public Domain via The Epoch Times)

Divine Intervention for a Humble Doctor

An ocean sunset along the coast.

Spirituality can be about anything that goes beyond mere physical existence. (Image: NatureFriend via Pixabay)