The Legend of Jinxiu Creek: ‘Watch for the Earthquake’

Hong Cun Old Village Water Town in Anhui, China.

Discover the legend of why Jinxiu Creek in Wuwei County, Anhui Province, has the strange nickname "Watch for the Earthquake". (Image: Li Nan via Dreamstime)

China’s Receding Yangtze River Reveals Submerged Ancient Buddhist Statues

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway Bridge.

According to experts, the Yangtze River's current level is the lowest it has been in over a century. (Image: Wuwei1970 via Dreamstime)

1,000-Year-Old Stepwell Design Being Revived in India to Help Droughts

Toorji Ka Jhalra Bavdi, world famous stepwell in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

India's ancient stepwells are now seen as supplementing the existing modern irrigation systems. (Image: Dmitry Rukhlenko via Dreamstime)

The Fascinating Odyssey of 2 Young Nomads in Australia

Drought in Australia.

Honeymoon couple Meg and Ollie Clothier decided to help drought-hit farmers this year. (Image: josealbafotos via Pixabay)

Buddha Statues, Ancient Towns, and Churches Emerge as Water Levels Drop

A submerged Buddha statue.

A Buddha statue, possibly dating back to the Ming Dynasty, emerged in China’s Jiangxi Province. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Australian Orchard Owner Gives Away 200,000 Mangoes to Help Drought-Affected People

A mango.

An Australian orchard owner is donating this year’s mango crop to people in drought-affected communities and other local charities. (Image: sarangib via Pixabay)

New Research Finds 2 Types of Drought Across China and How They Evolve

They found that both types of flash drought have increased significantly in the past 30 years. (Image: _Marion via Pixabay)

Drought Losses in China Will Soar With Continuing Global Warming

Desolation in the desert.

At the time of great peril, just as humanity is on the brink of complete desolation, a Divine Being returns to rescue the faithful, offer salvation, and spread enlightenment. (Image: _Marion via Pixabay)

In Times of Drought or Flood, One Emperor’s Personal Appeal to Heaven

A flooding river.

In the early years of the Tang Dynasty, it had been raining non-stop for more than a month, threatening farmers’ crops near the capital. (Image: via Pixabay)