People Who Don’t Get Seriously Ill Have 5 Things in Common

A hospital ward.

Those who don't get seriously ill often have five things in common. (Image: vitalworks via Pixabay)

Uncovering the Mystery of Japanese Longevity

A Japanese woman walking through a village.

The secret to Japanese longevity may well be hidden within the simple, yet profound daily rituals that make up their unique lifestyle. (Image: Prasit Rodphan via Dreamstime)

Food for Thought: What Your Eating Habits Reveal About Your Family Life

A smiling family sits around the table sharing a meal.

A study found that women who embrace marriage and motherhood can be considered the happiest females in the world. (Image: Monkey Business Images via Dreamstime)

Best Eating Habits to Shift Chronic Stress

lady eating a meal at a table - eating habits to shift ongoing stress

If there are problems with digestion, the food will not be digested and absorbed properly. (Image: Pablo Merchán Montes via Unsplash)