10 Ways the Elderly Can Build Meaningful Friendships

Puzzle pieces with 'friendship.'

As you age, the dynamics of making friends change, and it can become challenging to build new social friendships. (Image: Raywoo via Dreamstime)

How Being Needed Can Create Inner Peace and Wellbeing in Older People

Inner peace.

Our actions and contributions give us inner peace as nothing else can. (Image: Ivelinr via Dreamstime)

Iowa Teens Do Yard Work for the Elderly for School Credits

Group of people in a circle with hands and feet extended on green grass.

Iowa teens have been part of a teaching experiment that shows children that the value of good work is essential. (Image: vait_mcright via Pixabay)

Tips on Drinking Tea for the Elderly

The poet seems to be finding such joy in the everyday task of making tea for the person she loves. (Image: via Pixabay)