Unveiling Nature’s Mysteries: The Intriguing Role of White Spots in Migrating Monarch Butterflies

A monarch butterfly sitting on a juniper bush.

The white spots on the wings of monarch butterflies not only increase their visibility, deterring potential predators, but are also believed to confer advantageous traits for migration. (Image: Kclarksphotography via Dreamstime)

A Woman’s Journey to Save the Maya Tradition of Beekeeping

A honeybee on a white flower.

A good beekeeper must possess good management skills and stewardship, which take both time and knowledge. (Image: Kojihirano via Dreamstime)

Matthew Cairns: A Free Life in Nature While Cultivating Art and Creativity

Matt Cairns.

Matthew Cairns chose to live in nature. (Image: via Tao Walpole and Matthew Cairns)

New Technology Converts Waste Plastics Into Jet Fuel in an Hour

Jet engines.

The researchers were able to convert 90 percent of waste plastic s to jet fuel and other valuable hydrocarbon products within an hour at moderate temperatures and to easily fine-tune the process to create the products that they wanted. (Image: blickpixel via Pixabay)

The Greta Thunberg of China, Howey Ou, Raises Her Voice for Environmental Awareness

Howey Ou holdin a sign in Chinese and English: School Strike for Climate.

Howey Ou says it’s her 'life mission' to spark change before it’s too late. (Image: via Twitter)

Rare Snow Covers Joshua Tree National Park

Rare snowfall in Joshua Tree National Park

You may not see polar bears in the Joshua Tree National Park soon, but rare snow visits again. (Image: Katrina Brown via Dreamstime)

The Benefits of Compassionate Eating

asian family having dinner.

(Image: via Pixabay)

Man Captures Rare Jellyfish Sprite Lightning

Red 'jellyfish' sprite lightning.

A jellyfish sprite is a rare form of lightning that looks like a red jellyfish. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Trees and Green Roofs Can Help Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect

A house with a sod roof.

Air pollution experts from the University of Surrey have found that green infrastructure (GI), such as trees, can help reduce temperatures in many of Europe's cities and towns. (Image: Peggychoucair via Pixabay)

Do Face Masks Increase Pollution?