China’s Unprecedented Death Toll: 400 Million Die in Three Years Due to CCP Cover-Up 

Airport personnel clean the departure terminal from any contamination while the Beijing Winter Olympics athletes and personnel travel back to their countries after closing ceremonies in Beijing, Chaoyang, China.

The death toll in China over the past three years due to COVID-19 has taken on a new dimension based on recently leaked information. (Image: Walter Arce via Dreamstime)

Surviving the Plague: Divine Punishment or Coincidence?

Bust of Roman Emperor Diocletian.

During the reign of Roman Emperor Diocletian, the nobility lived in corruption and decadence and treated prisoners of war and slaves inhumanely. (Image: Bakusova via Dreamstime)

Recorded Miracles During History’s Epidemics

The painting 'St. Charles Borromeo Administering the Sacrament to Plague Victims' by S.Caula.

When Europe experienced the Bubonic Plague, those who were virtuous and dedicated enough to care for the sick received protection. (Image: via Public Domain)

Northern China Hit by New Wave of CCP Coronavirus Outbreaks

A hospital ward.

Those who don't get seriously ill often have five things in common. (Image: vitalworks via Pixabay)

Finding a Spiritual Cure for the CCP Coronavirus Pandemic

A Buddha statue surrounded by crystals.

Finding a spiritual cure for the COVID-19 pandemic. (Image: Samuel Austin via Unsplash)

Coronavirus Spread Continues to Affect the World

Coronavirus cases around the world.

The coronavirus epidemic has spread to at least 67 countries and regions. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

CCP’s Crackdown on Chinese Citizens Expands During COVID-19 Epidemic

A coronavirus teleconference.

On February 23, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held a teleconference discussing 'coronavirus epidemic prevention and control and plans to stimulate economic growth.' (Image: via The Epoch Times)

The Golden Recipe for the Plague

A Chinese building on a river.

A royal chef, who returned to his home town after retiring from working for the emperor, had nothing to do all day, so he hired some people and opened a tavern. (Image: David Leo via Flickr)

Dozens in Central Chinese City Hospitalized for SARS-like Pneumonia

ER waiting area in a hospital in China.

Twenty-seven cases of 'lung inflammation caused by a virus of unknown origin' have been registered in the city of Wuhan, central China, according to local authorities. (Image: Hxdbzxy via Dreamstime)