Uncanny Prognostications: Hong Kong’s Future Interpreted Through Horse Portents

Jockeys and horses compete in the race at Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong.

A series of unusual incidents in Hong Kong's horse racing scene is sparking beliefs that they may foreshadow the city's challenging journey and future amidst societal changes. (Image: Sakuragirin via Dreamstime)

1.87 Million Hongkongers Plan to Leave HK for Good

People waiting in line to go through the security checkpoint before boarding their flights at the Hong Kong airport.

According to a leading public opinion research institute, about a quarter of Hong Kong residents intend to leave the city permanently. (Image: Valentin Armianu via Dreamstime)

Beijing Using Unrest in Hong Kong as Stepping Stone to Maximize Influence

A protest in Hong Kong.

The protests in Hong Kong aim at limiting Beijing’s influence in the city, but there is a possibility that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could use them as a tool to increase its hold over the region. (Image: Studio Incendo via Flickr)

The Real Culprit Lurking Behind the Damage Done to Hong Kong’s Economy

Massive demonstrations in Hong Kong.

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the communist regime in China faces another mass democratic movement in Hong Kong. Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

Can Canada Help Hong Kong?

Demonstrators for Free Hong Kong in Canada.

Canadians feel human rights are more important than trade in dealing with China. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

2018 Marked the Worst Year for Hong Kong Democracy

Chinese walking on a sidewalk in Hong Kong.

Many Hong Kong residents are refugees who have fled from starvation or political oppression in the mainland and are naturally ill-disposed to the central government. (Image: GailTumes via Pixabay)