Cherish These 3 Things in Life

Two women stretching in an exercise class at the beach.

As a person, no matter how great the ideals and aspirations you have, no matter how much talent you have, how much property you have, how much you want to take care of your parents, wife, and children, everything is zero without good health. (Image: Rawpixelimages via Dreamstime)

7 Signs of Mentally Strong People

A woman showing determination.

One of the apparent characteristics of mentally strong people is that they face challenges with decisive action in the face of difficulties, not becoming discouraged in the face of setbacks, and not giving up in front of failure, which is the best manifestation of being strong inside. (Image: AYAimages via Dreamstime)

The Art of Believing: Cultivating a Heart of Faith

Aerial view of a few spotted clouds and the shining sun on the horizon.

Faith is more than a mere belief. It is a profound trust and conviction in something greater than yourself. (Image: Ayed Moeed Al Jedaani via Dreamstime)

The Power of Encouragement and Faith: Turning Struggles Into Triumphs

Four books stacked on a wooden surface, each one with one of the words to the phrase 'success is one step away.'

Encouragement and faith can transform a person's mindset and behavior, making success just one step away. (Image: Tomert via Dreamstime)

How the Power of Honesty Changed a Beggar’s Life

An American Express Platinum card.

Wanting to help a beggar she saw on the street, a woman let him borrow her credit card to buy some daily necessities. (Image: Nora Tarvus via Dreamstime)

Miraculous Encounters of Devout Buddhists

Blue Buddha statue sitting in lotus pose with his hand in open mudra.

There are many stories of miraculous encounters of devout Buddhists from the past. (Image: Elena Ray Microstock Library A(C) Elena Ray via Dreamstime)

A Medical Miracle Against All Odds

A hospital emergency room entrance.

This event went well beyond common medical sense and can only be described as a genuine miracle. (Image: Mark Winfrey via Dreamstime)

Xuyun, the Most Eminent Monk in Modern China

A brown leaf on a twig.

The life of Xuyun, the most eminent monk in modern China, is a legendary tale. (Image: A_Peach via Pxhere)

Perform Extraordinary Miracles With a Heart of Sincerity

Rice spilling out of a sack.

Fortunately, at the spot where Han frequently fished, some older women cleaned silk, cotton, or old cloth by the river. One of the older women sympathized with Han's situation and often helped him by giving him food. (Image: Settaphan Rummanee via Dreamstime)

A Guide’s Inspirational Encounter With Tibetan Tourists

Tibetan prayer flags.

Tibetan prayer flags.