Celebrating Love and Loyalty: Russia’s Family Day

Hands holding some daisies.

Daisies are the symbol of Russia's Family Day, a day that is dedicated to celebrating family, love, and loyalty across the nation. (Image: Vivian Seefeld via Dreamstime)

Zeng Guofan’s Family Principles: Assessing a Family’s Fortune Through 3 Measures

Illustration of famous Chinese scholar Zeng Guofan wearing traditional Chinese clothing.

Zeng Guofan, one of the four famous ministers in the late Qing Dynasty, determined the rise and fall of a family by considering three crucial aspects. (Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia)

7 Ways to Encourage Honesty in Children

A group of smiling children.

Honesty forms the foundation of integrity, trust, and relationships. So, talking to your child about lying is vital for their character-building and moral development. (Image: Diego Vito Cervo via Dreamstime)

3 Powerful Ways Visionary Parents Can Leave Their Children Lasting Legacies

A family sitting together looking at a family photo album.

Do you know the three legacies parents must leave their children according to traditional culture? (Image: Spotmatik via Dreamstime)

The Importance of Family Teaching and Discipline in Chinese Culture

Drawing of a girl wearing ancient Chinese clothing standing in front of a table holding a scroll made from bamboo.

Family education focused on helping future generations cultivate their character. (Image: Winnie Wang via Kan Zhong Guo)

The True Strength of Motherhood: How Women Tend to Be Undervalued

A young mother holding her baby.

A study found that women who embrace marriage and motherhood can be considered the happiest females in the world. (Image: Lenanet via Dreamstime)

What Qualities Determine the True Wealth of a Family?

A family walking together holding hands.

Give the things that are important to you enough time. (Image: Hongqi Zhang via Dreamstime)

Small Stories of Big Life Lessons

A father carrying his son on his shoulders at the beach.

Through their words and actions, parents guide their children to maturity, teaching valuable life lessons along the way. (Image: Epicstock via Dreamstime)

Family Values You Should Teach Your Children

Parents and their son.

Teach your children family values. (Image: via Pixabay)

The Number One Word Australians Use to Describe Their Values

Australia's Opera House at night.

Honesty is the most valued aspect of identity in Australia. (Image: pixabay)