Is Marriage Coincidental or a Predestined Arrangement?

Silhouette of a bride and groom dancing.

Marriage is often perceived as a simple twist of fate, but it might actually be determined by a deeper predestined arrangement. (Image: George Mayer via Dreamstime)

A Grandfather Kills Over a Debt, and His Grandsons Pay for His Crime

The wheel of karma.

If one kills a person or steals, karma will require payment either now or in the future. (Image: Alexander Zhenzhirov via Dreamstime)

The Accuracy of Fortune-Telling: How Fate Can Be Altered by Good Deeds

A tree covered with spring blossoms next to West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

Fortune-telling may not only be about foretelling the future but also guiding individuals to lead virtuous lives. (Image: Yongnian Gui via Dreamstime)

Overcoming Fate: A Chinese Family Reshapes Their Destiny

The Huai River wetland park.

For generations, a Chinese family grappled with a watery curse, their destiny entwined with its deceptive calm. (Image: Hejinghua via Dreamstime)

How to Read a Person’s Character in Their 50s, 60s, and 70s

A group of older adults laughing and talking together.

Maintaining good interpersonal relationships can lead to increased happiness and better health. It is ideal for cultivating a group of close friends. (Image: Monkey Business Images via Dreamstime)

The Consequences of Karma: A Tale of Good Deeds, Sudden Tragedies, and the Mysteries of Fate

Chinese painting of mountains and flowering trees beside a lake with the sun overhead.

Many don't believe in the consequences of karma because they only see the wealthy lifestyle of the greedy, but not the painful consequences that follow. (Image: Hsiu Chuan Yu via Dreamstime)

A Favor Returned: How Resecuing a Drowning Stranger Saved Another’s Life

A person drowning.

A moment right before Roger was about to drown, strong arms grabbed him. A woman carried him to shore. (Image: Mike_kiev via Dreamstime)

Confucius and the Mandate of Heaven: Respecting Divine Beings and Spirits

Statue of Confucius outdoors among trees.

In ancient times, members of the Confucian school respected divine beings and spirits, and tried to understand and fulfill the mandate of Heaven. (Image: Russell Savage via Dreamstime)

The Unexpected Love Story of Zhang Wenzhong and Huang Meilun


Zhang discovered his friend was very much into hypnosis. (Image: Benjaminec via Dreamstime)

If Your Life Is Predestined, Can You Change Your Fate?

Colored clouds in the sky.

Some embark on extraordinary journeys to seek answers in a world filled with questions about what happens after people leave this earthly realm. (Image: Nuttawut Parasert via Dreamstime)