Wealth and Fate: The Salt Merchant’s Ambitious Son

Vintage open chest, coins on a wooden table, and a bright light from inside the chest.

Wealth may flow abundantly, but it's our fate that truly dictates its lasting impact on our lives. (Image: Elena Sergeeva via Dreamstime)

How Feng Shui Can Amplify Good Fortune in Your Life

Optimum bed and bedroom feng shui.

Feng shui is arranging structures and items and organizing space within your room to achieve peace and balance. It is based on ancient Chinese culture, notably Taoism. (Image: ArchitectureVIZ via Dreamstime)

When Family Is Lost to Internal Conflict

A couple having an argument.

Compared to married couples, cohabiting partners may find it relatively easier to exit in times of difficulty since they haven't legally tied their lives together through marriage. (Image: Ana Blazic Pavlovic via Dreamstime)

The Best Feng Shui

Seolbong Park.

When it comes to fengshui, being kind and doing good deeds are more important than choosing favorable locations. (Image: Michael Kim via Flickr)

The Principles of Feng Shui

The Taoist yin/yang symbol.

The principles of feng shui, like all great truths, are simple and straightforward. (Image: igorovsyannykov via Pixabay)