Fiji Is the Friendliest Destination


Fiji has many things to like, including its pristine natural environment, sandy beaches, and soft coral diving. (Image: Mike7777777 via Dreamstime)

Fiji’s Puffer Fish Ceremonial Headwear

Kiribati arms and armor, including coconut fiber back and breast plates, porcupine fish–skin helmet and shark-tooth-studded gauntlet and sword.

A puffer fish helmet made up part of the traditional Kiribati armor which also included coconut fiber back and breast plates and shark-tooth-studded gauntlets and swords. (Image: Daderot via Wikimedia)

Are These the 10 Safest Countries to Be in if World War 3 Breaks Out?

A mountain lake in Switzerland.

Switzerland would by default make it onto the list of one of the most stable and safest countries in the world. Where are the safest countries to live in the world? (Image: Yurchyk via Dreamstime)

Bringing Back the Fijian Fishing Tradition of ‘Tabu’

Fijians are bring back the tradition of tabu.

Fijians are reviving their traditional practice of ‘tabu’ in a bid to improve their fishing stocks. (Image: Quangpraha via Pixabay)