Avoid Taking a Shower Under These 7 Conditions

Bath towels.

Unknown to most people, there are times when you should avoid taking a hot shower. (Image: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels)

The Pros and Cons of Going Green: Why Veganism Might Not Be For You

Eating a vegan meal.

Veganism is a respectable lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean that it's a perfect diet for everyone. (Image: Liljam via Dreamstime)

A Banana a Day May Keep Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Away

Green bananas.

The participants received a dose of a starch — resistant starch — equivalent to an amount that one would receive from eating a banana that isn’t overly ripe and is still a bit green. (Image: Betta0147 via Dreamstime)

How Pearl Meat Became the Freshest High-End Ingredient in Australia

An oyster with a pearl and pearl meat.

A Pearl Oyster and its meat. (Image: via Filipe Varela via Dreamstime)

7 Best Foods for Brain Health

An avocado cut in half.

Let's look at foods to include in your diet that focus on brain health. (Image: Thought Catalog via Unsplash)

What You Need to Know Before Flying in 2021

Toy plane with a world map, passports, and tickets.

Now that people are starting to get comfortable with the idea of traveling again, here's what you need to know before flying in 2021. (Image: Ivan Kruk via Dreamstime)

Top 10 Foods for Beautiful, Vibrant Skin

A lady with glowing skin.

Your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside your body. The right foods can help you feel and look great. (Image: Autumn Goodman via Unsplash)

Natural Beauty Hacks With Simple Ingredients From Your Kitchen

Oil being dropped onto skin — many natural oils can be used straight from the kitchen (straight from the source).

Many expensive, natural beauty products already use foods, including natural oils — so why not try using the raw ingredients yourself? (Image: Jamie Liu via Unsplash)

Korean Beef and Radish Soup

A pot of Korean beef and radish soup.

A favorite in Korea, beef and radish soup is a hearty dish that can be made from a few simple ingredients. (Image: Na Na via Nspirement)

Lamb Soup for Winter

A bowl of lamb soup with vegetables.

Lamb is considered the best ingredient for wintertime soup. (Image: Vadim Lerner via Dreamstime)