Besenwirtschaften Explained: Learn More About the Broomstick Inns


During the fall and winter months, local wines and traditional cuisine can be sampled throughout various Besenwirtschaften, or broomstick inns. (Image: Neckar Magazin via

Berlin’s Gas Lamps to Be Replaced by LEDs

Streetlamp in Berlin at Gendarmenmarkt square with Berlin Concert Hall in the background at twilight.

Berlin's gas lamps have contributed to the city's unique atmosphere for almost two centuries. (Image: Minnystock via Dreamstime)

How the Herrenchiemsee Festival Brings the Castle Back to Life

The Herrenchiemsee Castle.

The Herrenchiemsee Festival in Neubeuern, Germany, is a royal treat for musicians and music lovers alike. (Image: via

The Berlin Palace Reconstruction and Its Controversial Past

The Humbolt Forum Museum.

Reconstructed by Franco Stella, an Italian architect, the baroque Berlin Palace has been home to Prussian kings and German monarchs for almost six centuries; it has tales to tell. (Image: Artem Khyzhynskiy via Dreamstime)

Melitta Bentz Set an Entrepreneurial Milestone for Women in 1908

The Melitta Coffee Logo on a smartphone.

As a housewife, Mrs. Melitta found that percolators were prone to over-brewing the coffee. What she did next would set the stage for one of the greatest entrepreneurial stories in history. Image: Timon Schneider via Dreamstime)

Why Germany’s Parliamentary Visit to Taiwan Hit a Nerve in Beijing

German lawmaker's delegation with Tsai Ing-wen.

A delegation of six German lawmakers arrived in Taiwan for a five-day official visit and met the island's president, Tsai Ing-wen. (Image: via Office of the President, Taiwan)

The Successful Renovation of Lowenburg Castle in Kassel, Germany

Lowenburg Castle.

A colorful spring sunset at the Lowenburg Castle, Kassel, Germany. (Image: Andrii Vatsyk via Dreamstime)

Dazzling Art and History: The 300-Year-Old Baroque Margravial Opera House

The Margravial Opera House.

The Margravial Opera House is a Baroque opera house in Bayreuth, Germany, built between 1745 and 1750. (Image: Dirk E Ellmer via Dreamstime)

The Scandal of Arnold Schoenberg’s Skandalkonzert of 1913

A caricature of the Skandalkonzert, with concertgoers fighting orchestra members and each other while the conductor waves his baton and police carry people out.

When expressionist and modern music was presented to a crowd in Vienna expecting to hear classical music, the experimentalism shocked and outraged listeners. (Image: via Public Domain)

The Lack of an Engine May Sink the Chinese Submarine Deal With Thailand

A Chinese Yuan-class submarine.

A Chinese Yuan-class submarine. (Image: Wikipedia)