Goji Berries: Great Nourishment for Kidneys and Eyes

A bowl of goji berries.

Goji berries offer great nourishment, especially for the kidneys and eyes. (Image: Soyka via Dreamstime)

5 Types of Flower Tea to Improve Your Health & Well-Being

A cup of rose tea.

Relaxing with a cup of rose tea can help improve not just your mental state it can also help promote blood circulation, detoxify the liver, soothe the skin, and improve sleep. (Image: Natallia Khlapushyna via Dreamstime)

The Good Health and Longevity of Li Qing Yun

Li Qing Yun.

According to legend, Li Qing Yun was a traditional Chinese medicine physician, herbal expert, qigong master, and tactical consultant. (Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia)

8 Super Simple Things You Can Do to Maintain Liver Health

Two young Asian couples enjoying drinks.

Alcohol is not the only factor that can have a negative effect on the liver. (Image: Havucvp via Dreamstime)

An Introduction to 6 Important Ingredients Used in TCM

Ginseng root and extract.

Ginseng is widely referred to as a Chinese herb. Although its taste might not suit everyone, it is believed to help cure illnesses and replenish qi (vital energy). (Image: Sierpniowka via Dreamstime)

Here’s How Chrysanthemum Tea Can Benefit Your Eyes

Chinese chrysanthemum tea in a unique glass teapot.

Chrysanthemums, also know as mums or chrysanths, can be made into a tea that can be beneficial for your eyes. (Image: Kitsen via Dreamstime)

Red Dates: Why We Love Them!

Closeup of a woman's outstretched hands filled with red dates.

Chinese red dates (the edible fruits of Ziziphus jujuba, also commonly known as jujubes) are one of the most popular foods consumed for their health benefits in China. (Image: Lu Yao via Dreamstime)

Traditional Chinese Medicine: 5 Foods Recommended for Women

Chinese wild yams.

Chinese yams are rich in proteins, vitamins B, C, and E, glucose, more than ten kinds of amino acids, and trace elements, as well as many minerals. (Image: 1768636 via Maxpixel)

8 Red Foods to Eat in Summer

Eating red foods in summer help the heart (Image: Christopher Paquette via Flickr / CC BY 2.0 )

Eating red foods in the summer helps your heart. (Image: Christopher Paquette via Flickr)

6 Anti-Fatigue Foods

Breakfast table set with a bowl of rolled oats, bananas, mango and milk in the bottle on pale purple and light blue linen placemats.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, different foods are nourishing for different parts of the body and help them recover from fatigue, such as bananas for leg fatigue. (Image: Sabina Pensek via Dreamstime)