The ‘Theft of the Century’: Where Did China’s Gold Go?

The Bank of China.

The Peace Hotel (left) and the old Bank of China building (right) in the Bund in Shanghai. (Image: via Wikipedia)

Research Finds ‘Fool’s Gold’ Not so Foolish After All

Pyrite, commonly known as 'fool's gold.'

Curtin University research has found tiny amounts of gold can be trapped inside pyrite, commonly known as ‘fool’s gold,’ which would make it much more valuable than its name suggests. (Image: stephwalther via Pixabay)

Here’s Why You Should Hold Off Buying Gold

100 g gold bars.

The gold sell-off has made many people think of buying. (Image: via Pexels)

The Ultimate Preppers: Why China and Russia Stockpile Gold

Stacks of gold bars.

Russia has bought 106 tons of gold this year and the People’s Bank of China has similarly accumulated about 100 tons. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

China’s Gold Excavation in Sierra Leone Sets Up Locals for Long-Term Losses

Mining gold in Sierra Leone

For China, African countries are storehouses of resources that need to be extracted to meet the demands of the growing Chinese population. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Russia and China Buy More Gold as They Cut Down on Dollar Reserves

Gold bars.

In a bid to reduce dependence on the U.S. dollar as a trade currency and reserve, Russia and China have been buying up gold furiously over the past several months. (Image: via Nspirement)

Why You Should Start Gold Investment Now

To protect themselves from any negative fallout, people should seriously consider investing in gold. (Image: via Wikimedia)