The 3 Things and 3 Types of People to Avoid for a Blessed and Peaceful Life

A middle-aged man leaning against a building.

In order to lead a blessed and peaceful life, strictly avoid these three things and three types of people. (Image: Darren Baker via Dreamstime)

The HUGE Difference: Virtue Signalling Vs. Cultivation of Virtue


Modernist ideologies have ended up being the harbingers of a virtueless society where morality is not objective, but depends on the whims and fancies of the individual. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

An Open Mind Helped a Woman Survive Cancer and Live 30 Years

The condition of one 54-year old patient was serious. Nevertheless, she was the only survivor in the group. In the eyes of her family, it was a miracle recovery in an otherwise ordinary life. (Image: via Secret China)