Feminine Journeys: 7 Tips for Balancing Adventure and Grace

Young woman in a white dress smiles at the beach.

Striking a balance between adventure and femininity allows one to embrace the thrill of discovery while celebrating the innate grace and poise of womanhood. (Image: Ariwasabi via Dreamstime)

5 Benefits of Practicing the Attitude of Gratitude 


Gratitude and the principle of repaying kindness are deeply-rooted sentiments in Chinese culture. Throughout thousands of years of Chinese civilization, numerous stories have revolved around gratitude and repayment of kindness (Image: Nikki Zalewski via Dreamstime)

Whether You Encounter Misfortunes or Blessings Are God’s Grace

A shipwreck.

A closer look and you will find God's grace in all things. (Image: Keng Po Leung via Dreamstime)

The 8 Graces of Life

A forest path.

Nature bears us. We live, we take, and we grow in it. (Image: jadefalcon3 via Pixabay)