3 Stories of the Power of Kindness

Sparrows perched on branches.

Traditional Chinese culture is full of stories of kindness, and the divine rewards those who express it for their good deeds. (Image: Olga Itina via Dreamstime)

5 Benefits of Practicing the Attitude of Gratitude 


Gratitude and the principle of repaying kindness are deeply-rooted sentiments in Chinese culture. Throughout thousands of years of Chinese civilization, numerous stories have revolved around gratitude and repayment of kindness (Image: Nikki Zalewski via Dreamstime)

Inspirational Letter From Liang Jizhang to His Son

A father and son typing on a laptop.

This inspirational letter contains Liang Jizhang’s perception of life and infinite love for his family. (Image: Monkey Business Images via Dreamstime)

Learning How to Be Grateful

A large company building.

A woman with excellent academic achievements went to a large company to interview for a senior executive position. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)