An Emotional Reunion as a Man Meets His Rescuer 50 Years Later

Loren Oelkers (left) and Rick Goff.

Loren Oelkers (left) and Rick Goff meet for the first time in 50 years. (Image: Loren Oelkers)

Calm in Chaos: 12 Ways to Boost Your Patience Quotient

Woman stressing, overthinking events alone at home.

Many struggle with maintaining composure and grace during challenging moments, and impatience can be a significant roadblock to personal growth and success. (Image: Eldar Nurkovic via Dreamstime)

7 Effective Habits to Reduce Stress and Find Inner Peace

Hiking in nature.

Nature has a calming effect on our minds and bodies. Research has shown that walking in nature can reduce anxiety and distress while improving cognitive abilities. (Image: Dušan Zidar via Dreamstime)

The Power of 3 Strategic Expenditures: Spend More to Earn More

Money bag with the word 'investment' is balanced on a scale with a roll of US$100 bills.

Managing personal finances can be daunting in today's fast-paced world. Many individuals struggle to establish a solid financial routine that promotes financial well-being and long-term stability. (Image: Andrii Yalanskyi via Dreamstime)

9 Practical Steps to Cultivating Patience

An upset man talking on the phone.

It seems the virtue of patience is often admired, yet seldom practiced these days. (Image: Fizkes via Dreamstime)

What Makes a Marriage Thrive for a Lifetime? (Part 3)

Older smiling African American couple at home.

It has been noted that the civility and emotional feelings between husband and wife sustain longevity in an arranged marriage. (Image: Monkey Business Images via Dreamstime)

What Makes a Marriage Thrive for a Lifetime? (Part 2)

An elderly couple bike riding.

Trying new things is a surefire way to keep our brains sharp as we age! (Image: Tom Wang via Dreamstime)

Lessons on Love and Respect After Donating to a Beggar

An old Chinese man playing an erhu.

The man was sitting on the side of the road playing the erhu with an old bowl in front of him with a few coins in it, and it looked like he was rarely given any money. (Image: Arun Bhargava via Dreamstime)

4 Mindfulness Habits That Will Help Keep Relationships Harmonious

A couple holding hands.

ove is unreliable, and gratitude and kindness are needed to make the marriage last. (Image: Nomadsoul1 via Dreamstime)

5 Benefits of Practicing the Attitude of Gratitude 


Gratitude and the principle of repaying kindness are deeply-rooted sentiments in Chinese culture. Throughout thousands of years of Chinese civilization, numerous stories have revolved around gratitude and repayment of kindness (Image: Nikki Zalewski via Dreamstime)