Safe Consumption of Moldy Food: Separating Myths From Facts

Strawberries with mold growing on them.

Soft fruits like strawberries have to be thrown out when they get moldy, but it's not the case for all foods. (Image: Kalebkroetsch via Dreamstime)

Your Imperfections Could Really Be a Blessing

Diverse models in bodysuits posing for the camera.

Your body's so-called imperfections may actually come with health benefits. (Image: Roman Chazov via Dreamstime)

Which Particulate Air Pollution Poses the Greatest Health Risk?

Kaspar Dällenbach carefully analyzing the composition of fine dust samples.

Kaspar Dällenbach carefully analyzed the composition of fine dust samples. (Image: Markus Fischer via Paul Scherrer Institute)

A New Treatment Approach for Deadly Aneurysms

An operating theater.

Yale medicine vascular surgeons treat at least 80 percent of aortic aneurysms with minimally invasive approaches — and that includes some of the most complicated cases. (Image: sasint via Pixabay)

The Shocking Truth Behind China’s Denim Industry

Denim manufacturers for the world’s top brands have steadily grown in Xintang, a town in the province of Guandong, where 60 percent of China’s jeans are produced. (Image: jarmoluk via Pixabay)