Ethical Emperor Repents for His Sins by Following Heaven’s Will

Aerial view of a few spotted clouds and the shining sun on the horizon.

Faith is more than a mere belief. It is a profound trust and conviction in something greater than yourself. (Image: Ayed Moeed Al Jedaani via Dreamstime)

The Temple of Heaven: An Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing

Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China.

In ancient China, the Temple of Heaven was where the emperor worshiped Heaven and held rituals to pray for good harvests. (Image: Xi Zhang via Dreamstime)

The Most Frightening Thing Is When People Aren’t Afraid of Anything

Purple grapes.

The ancient Chinese were a very righteous and moral people. In a revered and sacred way, they were afraid of the ways of God and Heaven. They knew that to defy Heaven brought misfortune and to obey Heaven brought prosperity. (Image: via Flickr)

The Righteous Way Is the Most Valuable

A woman in water praying.

The righteous way in dealing with all conditions and circumstances of life is the most valuable as eventually the outcome is always rewarding and fruitful, with peace of mind. (Image: Qiming Ya via Dreamstime)