Why Is Japan the Only Country in the World Without Beggars?

A homeless person in Japan.

According to statistics, there are more than 2,000 homeless people in Tokyo. (Image: Eric Kitayama via Dreamstime)

Billy Ray Harris: A Story of Kindness and Honesty

Billy Ray Harris and the ring he returned.

A homeless man, Billy Ray Harris, who returned a diamond engagement ring accidentally thrown into his change cup has had his honesty repaid many times over. (Image: Sarah Darling via Facebook)

Street Vet: Helping the Los Angeles Homeless Population’s Pets

'The Street Vet' with a homeless person's pet dog.

Kwane Stewart is known as “The Street Vet.” He makes rounds in Los Angeles' Skid Row and provides free care to homeless people's beloved pets. (Image: via San Diego Human Society)

Getting Old in the UK: Homelessness Crisis Awaiting Millennials

An elderly woman walking down a snowy street.

Over 600,000 millennials in the UK will be facing a devastating challenge when they retire — homelessness. (Image via Pixabay)