Li Yi’s Unfinished Memoir: A Hongkonger’s Journey Through Turmoil and the Struggle for Freedom

Photo of Li Yi displayed at a remembrance ceremony after his death.

Li Yi, a famous Hong Kong writer and media personality, passed away in October 2022, at the age of 86. (Image: Chunyin via Radio Free Asia)

Hong Kong Cardinal Zen, Who Condemned the Vatican, to Be Put on Trial

Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen.

Cardinal Joseph Zen, who is famous for supporting the fight for democracy and human rights in Hong Kong, was arrested by Hong Kong police for reportedly violating Hong Kong's National Security Law. (Image: Jindřich Nosek (NoJin) via Wikimedia Commons)

Hong Kong Has Dropped to the Bottom of the Press Freedom Rankings

A man sitting outside reading a newspaper in Hong Kong.

A recent opinion survey shows that public satisfaction with Hong Kong's media has hit rock bottom. (Image: Tuomaslehtinen via Dreamstime)

Fear to Anger Chinese Communist Party Will Lead to Disaster

Streets of Hong Kong filled with police outside a shopping district.

On Human Rights Day a Hong Kong activist gave an address at the Summit for Democracy expressing his view that the city is fast crumbling into an authoritarian police state. (Image: Studio Incendo via Flickr)

With Increasing Loss of Freedom, Media Veteran Steve Vines Reluctantly Leaves Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Harbor.

The departure of media veteran Steve Vines from Hong Kong is being viewed as yet another death knell in the thorough destruction of the city's press freedom. (Image: Tomas1111 via Dreamstime)

3 Hongkongers Who Stand Firm for Freedom and Democracy

Hong Kong police in riot gear supressing people demonstrating for democracy and freedom.

However, polls in Taiwan have shown that the residents do not want the island to be a part of China by a large margin, especially after China's crackdown on the Hong Kong people. (Image: Studio Incendo via Flickr)

Hong Kong People Mourn Man Who Stabbed a Police Officer Despite Government Threats

Hong Kong’s National Security Law Deployed to Censor Film ‘Inside the Red Brick Wall’

'Inside the Red Brick Wall.'

In its first action, Hong Kong’s Film Censorship Authority pulled the award-winning documentary 'Inside the Red Brick Wall' from two local exhibitors in March. (Image: via TIDF)

Future of Hong Kong’s Vigil Honoring Tiananmen Square Massacre Victims in Doubt

Candlelight vigil for Tiananmen Square Massacre.

People join a vigil for the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989 in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park on 4 June, 2015. (Image: Jess Yu via Dreamstime)

Leaving Hong Kong: Treacherous Beijing Government Is the Root of Our Sufferings

A passenger goes through the departure gates at the Hong Kong international airport.

Since the National Security Law was imposed in 2020, many citizens are leaving Hong Kong for good. (Image: Earnesttse via Pixabay)