Film Rights for ‘Revolution of Our Times’ Transferred Overseas

Revolution of Our Times.

Hong Kong-based director Zhou Guanwei of the documentary 'Revolution of Our Times,' announced in his Facebook post on July 24, 2021, that the film rights and all its materials have been transferred overseas. (Image: via Hong Kong director Zhou Guanwei by Guan Yongzhen via The Epoch Times)

UK Offers Support for Hongkongers

Hong Kong protest in 2021.

The UK government has been taking steps to support Hongkongers ever since Beijing violated the Sino-British joint declaration by enacting the National Security Law. (Image: via Flickr)

China Warns Britain Over Giving Visas to Hongkongers with BNO Passports

BNO Passort holders.

The British government recently provided more details on the proposal of making immigration to Britain easier for eligible Hong Kong citizens. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Nearly 200,000 Hongkongers Moving to the UK

A lion statue.

According to an estimate by the UK’s Foreign Office, almost 200,000 Hongkongers are likely to take up British citizenship soon. (Image: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay)

Australia Announces Visa Extension for Hongkongers

Extraditing Hongkongers to the Chinese Mainland

A Hong Kong demonstratot facing police.

Beijing wants to use the National Security Law to target Hongkongers who are involved in promoting democracy, freedom of speech, and so on. (Image: Studio Incendo via Flickr)

Taiwan Promises Humanitarian Aid for Fleeing Hongkongers

A Taiwanese jet.

Taiwan's latest locally built training jet. (Image: Taiwan presidential office jet via Flickr)

1,700,000 Hongkongers Rally to Oppose Police Violence

Nearly 2 million Hong Kong protesters.

Guo strongly criticized the tactics employed by the CCP in the suppression of anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

Hongkongers Are Increasingly Ditching Jobs at Chinese Companies

Almost 44 percent of Chinese businesses in Hong Kong were found to have trouble retaining employees. (Image: via