Su Dongpo: An Unyielding Spirit in the Face of Adversity

Statue of Chinese scholar and poet Su Dongpo with his wife.

Su Dongpo, the famous Song Dynasty poet, was an outspoken advocate for the people regardless of the consequences to himself. (Image: Weikong Chang via Dreamstime)

The End of Zunzi’s Cartoons: An Elegy for Press Freedom in Hong Kong

Hong Kong cartoonist Zunzi with some of his cartoons.

After 40 years, Hong Kong cartoonist Zunzi has been forced to cease publication of his political cartoons. (Image: Composite via The Epoch Times)

‘Eternal Spring’ Movie Receives Rave Reviews

'Eternal Spring' animation.

A still from the film Eternal Spring, which tells the story of 18 Falun Gong practitioners who tapped into Changchun City’s state-controlled cable television to broadcast information to counter the Chinese communist regime’s propaganda against the spiritual practice. (Image: via Lofty Sky Pictures)

Falun Gong Practitioners Create Powerful Giant Falun and Chinese Characters in Taiwan

The magnificent Falun emblem and character formation in Taipei, Taiwan.

The 2022 Falun Dafa Character and Image Formation in Taipei, Taiwan on November 12, 2022. (Image: Chen Po-chou via The Epoch Times)

‘They Were the Ones,’ a Memorable Song by James H. White


James H. White (Image: via James H. White)

Weapons of the State: Psychiatric Facilities in China

Prisoners of conscience in China.

Psychiatric hospitals in China are being used by the state to imprison and punish petitioners and activists. (Image: via Safeguard Defenders)

First Social Credit System in Europe: Rewards for Exemplary Citizens?

A building flying the Italian and EU flags.

Italy is all set to become the first European country to implement a social credit system that is government-sponsored. (Image: Ryzhov Sergey via Dreamstime)

China’s Digital Surveillance State Exposed in Data Leak

An image of a woman's eye seen under a digital data stream.

Thanks to database exposure, the scale of mass surveillance tech deployed by the Chinese government has been unveiled. (Image: Flynt via Dreamstime)

Once Again Tech Giant Apple Is Appeasing China

An Asian man talks on his cellphone just outside the Apple store in New York City.

Apple is restraining its users from engraving words related to subjects like democracy, politics, religion, and human rights on its devices. (Image: Nsbeer via Dreamstime)