Xi Sentences Lu Wei to 14 Years in Prison

Google Employees Fear Project Dragonfly Still Alive and Kicking

A few employees at Google have uncovered information that project Dragonfly, the censored search engine, might still be alive. (Image: Mikel Davis / Nspirement)

Top 4 Topics the Chinese Government Censored on WeChat in 2018

In the United States, most of the 4 million Chinese diasporas have WeChat accounts. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Project Dragonfly Draws Huge Protests

A new wave of protests has hit Google as the latest reports suggest that the company might still be working on the Dragonfly project. (Image: Students for a Free Tibet)

Microsoft Bing Blackout in China Raises Fear of State Censorship

China Punishing Citizens for Using VPNs

China’s laws against freedom of expression basically risk classifying everyday people as potential criminals.(Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Blockchain Helps Chinese Netizens Bypass Censorship

Blockchain and the Internet.

For every smart or connected device we power on, our dependence on conventional power grows. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

U.S. Tech Companies Agreeing to Censorship Is Bad for Human Rights

Facebook is said to be developing strong censorship tools so as to get approval from the Chinese government. (Image: Robert Scoble via Wikimedia Commons)