Hong Kong’s Prisoners of Conscience Nominated for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize

A mural of Joshua Wong on a wall in Hong Kong.

Fifteen prominent academics from 10 countries have joined together to nominate five imprisoned Hong Kong pro-democracy leaders for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. (Image: thierry ehrmann via flickr)

Beijing Hardliners Target Hong Kong Cleric Cardinal Zen

Hong Kong cleric Cardinal Joseph Zen.

Cardinal Joseph Zen, retired bishop of Hong Kong sometime in 2019. (Image: via Jindřich Nosek [NoJin])

Vindictive: Sentencing of Jimmy Lai Signals CCP Intention to Crush Hong Kong

HK billionaire and pro democracy veteran Jimmy Lai sentenced

Nine Hong Kong veteran pro-democracy activists and lawmakers, including the founder of Next Media, Zhiying Jimmy Lai, were sentenced to prison for their participation in pro-democracy protests in August 2019. (Image: via secretechina.com)

With Injustice to Jimmy Lai, Communist China Looks to Retaliate Against the West

The cover of Hong Kong newspaper, Apple Daily, showing Jimmy Lai's arrest.

The founder of Next Digital Jimmy Lai has been detained again by the Hong Kong government and the Chinese Communist Party. (Image: Tse Pui Lung via Dreamstime)

Business Executive Accuses Hong Kong Government of Destroying Free Market

A laptop screen showing a candlestick chart.

Don't just gamble your money away on risky investments. Instead, let's learn the different techniques needed to become a wiser investor. (Image: StockSnap via Pixabay)

Jimmy Lai Tearfully Thanks the People of Hong Kong for Their Support

The Arrest of Jimmy Lai Spurs Defiance

Jimmy Lai wearing a face mask.

Jimmy Lai was charged with violating Hong Kong's National Security Law. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Press Freedom Threatened as Jimmy Lai Arrested by Hong Kong Police

Jimmy Lai wearing a face mask.

On August 10, 2020 the Hong Kong police arrested seven people, including Jimmy Lai, founder of 'Apple Daily,' a Hong Kong newspaper. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)