Revealing the Secret of Altering Aging in 5 Organs

CT brain scans.

If the brain is not used for a long time, aging of the brain will be accelerated. (Image: via Pixabay)

Drinking Excess Water May Lead to These 6 Health Issues

Man drinking a glass of water.

Drinking water benefits our bodies in many ways. (Image: Antonio Guillemvia via Dreamstime)

Preserve Your Kidneys’ Yang Qi to Resist Spring Diseases

A frozen winter landscape with a golden sunset.

Unfortunately, winter came too early before the village people could store enough food. (Image: Brett Critchley via Dreamstime)

10 Tips for Healthy Kidneys

A person with kidney pain.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), chestnuts are regarded as “fruit for the kidney and patients with renal diseases.” (Image: Milkos via Dreamstime)

Tang Dynasty: The Minister’s Kidney Remedy

A Traditional Chinese Medicine apothecary.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there is a powerful kidney remedy called 'Minister Zheng’s Prescription.' (Image: Garry Knight via Flickr)

The Role of the Kidneys in Traditional Chinese Medicine

A glass of water.

The kidneys are an important organ in the human body, regulating body fluids and expelling waste through urine. (Image: Michael-T via Pixabay)