South Korea’s Hawaii: 11 Most Popular Things to Do at Jeju Island

Jeju Island, South Korea.

Located south of mainland Korea, Jeju Island is the most popular destination among Korean and foreign visitors. (Image: Ixuskmitl via Dreamstime)

Owning a Piece of the Past: The Auction of U.S. Lighthouses

Annisquam lighthouse off the north coast of Massachusetts.

The government is auctioning off historic American lighthouses, aiming to preserve their legacy while transferring their maintenance responsibilities to private owners. (Image: Christian Delbert via Dreamstime)

‘Landmarks: Poets, Portraits, and Landscapes of Modern Scotland’

Moffat's 'Poet's Pub.'

Alexander (Sandy) Moffat's 'Poets' Pub.' (Image: Alexander Moffat via National Galleries Scotland)

Mumbai: A City for Everyone!

Mumbai is the classic combination of history, culture, diversity, and globalization. (Image: pixabay)