A New Study Decodes Language and Meaning From Brain Scans

A non-invasive brain scan.

Neuroscientists at the University of Texas have for the first time decoded data from non-invasive brain scans and used them to reconstruct language and meaning from stories that people hear, see or even imagine. (Image: via Pixabay)

Did You Know Mushrooms Have Their Own Language?

Closeup of mushrooms growing on the forest floor in autumn.

There are countless reasons to immerse yourself in the educational and entertaining aspects of mushroom foraging, so what's stopping you from diving in? Learn how you can begin this exciting journey. (Image: Zafon404 via Dreamstime)

Djabugay, the Near Extinct Australian Language

Australian aborigines dancing.

The Djabugay language originated with the Djabugay tribe. (Image: Dgabgay via Wikimedia Commons)

The Fascinating Human Speech Mechanism That Turns Air Into Speech

Human speech.

Have you ever wondered how the human speech mechanism works? (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)