The DOJ Indicts 5 People for Harassing and Spying on Chinese Dissidents

U.S. flag outside the Department of Justice

U.S. flag outside the Department of Justice (Image: Kkistl01 via Dreamstime)

The Blessing of Dissolving Disputes

Old British colonial mansion with a garden in Nuwara Eliyah, Hill Country, Sri Lanka, Asia.

A rich man in the village died and his two sons were fighting over his estate. (Image: Jeewee via Dreamstime)

What the Mueller’s Report Really Means

Chinese Character for Law: Fǎ (法)

The Chinese character 法 (fǎ) stands for law or way. (Image: via Epoch Times)

Did We Really Once Have Animal Trials?

As societies evolved, so did our courts of law. The courts were used to set a line between right and wrong, and when people crossed that line, they were prosecuted and punished according to the law. (Image: wikimedia )

Being the Child of a Rights Lawyer in China Is Brutal

grace gao

Grace Gao delivering her talk during Oslo Freedom Forum. In the background is her family photo taken when she was a child. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)