Lessons on Love and Respect After Donating to a Beggar

An old Chinese man playing an erhu.

The man was sitting on the side of the road playing the erhu with an old bowl in front of him with a few coins in it, and it looked like he was rarely given any money. (Image: Arun Bhargava via Dreamstime)

A Life Lesson Learned From a Wolf

Close-up of a gray wolf in the woods.

A young man's encounter with a ferocious wolf teaches him a life lesson. (Image: Jon Anders Wiken via Dreamstime)

A Creditor Reincarnates to Collect a Debt

Pregnant woman having a blood pressure test.

China's BGI Group is accused of harvesting genetic data from pregnant women within China and from outside the country. (Image: Lightfieldstudiosprod via Dreamstime)

How a Butcher’s Experience Prevented Him From Killing

There was a butcher who earned his livelihood by slaughtering cattle. (Image: via Pixabay)