5 Legendary Dreams of Chinese Folklore

Illustration of a man in ancient Chinese robes taking a nap while a dragon swirls over his head in a misty cloud.

Five dreams from Chinese folklore, passed down from ancient times, offer profound insights into the realities of life. (Image: Winnie Wange via Kanzhongguo)

Wealth and Fate: The Salt Merchant’s Ambitious Son

Vintage open chest, coins on a wooden table, and a bright light from inside the chest.

Wealth may flow abundantly, but it's our fate that truly dictates its lasting impact on our lives. (Image: Elena Sergeeva via Dreamstime)

Wisdom Wrapped in Humor: Inspiring Tales From Icons of History

Frozen rose on clear ice.

Mastering humor is akin to grasping the essence of wisdom and finding the fountain of happiness. (Image: Kornilovdream via Dreamstime)

Hard as Ice, Fluid as Water: An Allegory on the Stages of a Successful Life

Ice in the form of a heart.

When a distraught young businessman meets a meditating monk by a lakeside he receives a profound lesson about water's transformative states. (Image: Tatyana Mukhomedianova via Dreamstime)

Transformative Thinking: 5 Inspirational Stories

Comfortable corner of the library with books, glasses, and a bouquet of flowering willow branches.

These 5 inspirational stories shed light on the importance of creative thinking, adaptability, and looking at challenges from different perspectives. (Image: Volodymyr Muliar via Dreamstime)

The Accuracy of Fortune-Telling: How Fate Can Be Altered by Good Deeds

A tree covered with spring blossoms next to West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

Fortune-telling may not only be about foretelling the future but also guiding individuals to lead virtuous lives. (Image: Yongnian Gui via Dreamstime)

The Power of Encouragement and Faith: Turning Struggles Into Triumphs

Four books stacked on a wooden surface, each one with one of the words to the phrase 'success is one step away.'

Encouragement and faith can transform a person's mindset and behavior, making success just one step away. (Image: Tomert via Dreamstime)

From Dead Ends to New Beginnings: Understanding the Power of Change in Life

Red traffic light in a downtown area.

When things develop to an extreme point and it seems you have nowhere left to go, you have to turn around to make a change. (Image: Kawee Wateesatogkij via Dreamstime)

Integrity and Prudence: How a Tang Dynasty Official Chose a Suitor for His Daughter

Illustration of plum blossoms in bloom.

A partner with a strong moral character brings lasting impact and happiness, fostering a fulfilling life journey. (Image: Greenvalley via Dreamstime)

Overcoming Fate: A Chinese Family Reshapes Their Destiny

The Huai River wetland park.

For generations, a Chinese family grappled with a watery curse, their destiny entwined with its deceptive calm. (Image: Hejinghua via Dreamstime)