Unusual Encounter: How a Mother’s Day Robbery Transformed Into Compassion and a New Beginning

A man breaking into a house with a crowbar.

A chance encounter with a lonely elderly woman prompts a thief to rethink his life choices. (Image: Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz via Dreamstime)

The Potential of Video Calls to Alleviate Pet Parrot Loneliness

Parrot with colorful feathers in a zoo.

Half of the world's parrot population are now kept as pets in homes worldwide. (Image: Xin Hua via Dreamstime)

7 Ways to Feel Fulfilled if You Are Over 30 and Single

Outdoor photo of a 35-year-old woman with long dark hair wearing a black turtle neck dress.

Before you select the best hairstyle for your face shape, it's essential to determine its shape. (Image: Annanahabed via Dreamstime)

The Feeling of Being Alone

Young sad woman with her head on her knees.

Making mistakes is nothing unnatural and all of us err at some point or the other. (Image: sasint via Pixabay)

The Challenges of an Italian Immigrant

a young woman walking down railroad tracks.

Some feel content spending their existence in their birthplace, in their comfort zone, with their routines surrounded by family and friends, but for others, life is an ongoing discovery made of endless experiences, travels, different people and cultures. (Image: pixel2013 via Pixabay)