Revealing the Secret of Altering Aging in 5 Organs

CT brain scans.

If the brain is not used for a long time, aging of the brain will be accelerated. (Image: via Pixabay)

3 Fruits to Relieve Your Cough

An older man coughing.

If you suffer from a cough, these fruits can help dispel it! (Image: Clearvista via Dreamstime)

Eat These 6 White Foods to Boost Lung Immunity

White fungus (Tremella fuciformis) cooked with Goji berries as a soup.

Snow fungus, also known as white jelly mushroom, is one of the foods recommended by Traditional Chinese Medicine to boost lung health and immunity. (Image: Yulan via Dreamstime)

The Best Foods for Lung Care in Autumn

White fungus and lotus soup.

Sweet white fungus and lotus soup is a great recipe for autumn lung care. (Image: Lcc54613 via Dreamstime)

How COVID-19 Destroys the Lungs

Doctor with a stethoscope and a hologram of inflamed lungs.

COVID-19 primarily targets the lungs and respiratory tract in the human body. (Image: Александр Марко via Dreamstime)

Foods That Nourish You in Autumn


Honey can treat coughs, nourish the lungs, and moisten the skin. (Image: stevepb via Pixabay)

Nourish Your Lungs With These Foods

Two pears.

Pears are good for the lungs. (Image: via Pixnio)

Foods to Keep Your Lungs Healthy in Winter

White radishes.

White-colored foods such as lily fungus, pear, snow fungus, and white radish can help to nourish the lungs. (Image: Hans via Pixabay)

These Soups Can Benefit the Lungs and Help Control Coughs

Monk fruit.

Monk fruit. (Image: via buyextracts)

Metal: The Purist Understanding of This Element in TCM

metal door - metal in traditional chinese medicine

The ability to let go is related to the strength of the metal element in your body. (Image: pixabay)