Namewee’s ‘The Wall’: A Metaphor for the CCP’s Repression of Mainland Chinese People

Artwork for the single 'The Wall' by Malaysian rapper Namewee.

As a metaphor for the CCP's repression of mainland Chinese, Namewee's song 'The Wall' has moved many people to tears. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

‘Fragile’ Reaches 20 Million YouTube Hits

Namewee singing.

Namewee has always kept his ideologies clear and for the world to see. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Rapper Namewee Posts 8 Sarcastic Tips for the Taliban That Anger China

Namewee album cover.

Namewee, who often targets the CCP, released a track entitled ‘Ghost Island’ in 2019 boldly praising Taiwan's democracy. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)