‘King of Medicine’ Sun Simiao’s Precious Methods for Preserving Good Health

Elderly couple walking through a park.

Walking regularly is one of Sun Simiao's precious methods to preserve health and live to a ripe old age. (Image: Ammentorp via Dreamstime)

Avoid Taking a Shower Under These 7 Conditions

Bath towels.

Unknown to most people, there are times when you should avoid taking a hot shower. (Image: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels)

Traditional Hair and Scalp Care

Older woman looking at graying hair in a mirror.

The appearance of gray hair is a common sign of aging, but it can trigger strong emotions in you. (Image: Victorrustle via Dreamstime)

Massage Your Fingers and Hands for Minor Illnesses

Young female Asian model wearing a fashionable and elegant sweater standing in front of a pink background rubbing her hand with a look of suffering on her face.

It is possible for you to massage your fingers and hands to improve minor symptoms of various illnesses. (Image: Aaron Amat via Dreamstime)

Rub 8 Parts of Your Body to Slow Aging and Remain Healthy

Aged brothers laughing while sitting on a sofa together.

One of the best ways to reduce negative thinking is to surround yourself with positive people. (Image: Motortion via Dreamstime)

Follow 3 Time Phases for Better Sleep Quality and Health

A woman sleeping at a table.

Tailoring your evening activities to suit the corresponding time phase can help insure you get a good night’s sleep. (Image: Engin_Akyurt via Pixabay)