Stories of Ancient Healing Wisdom: Fighting Epidemics With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese herbal medicines.

As we continue to battle the unknown in modern medicine, the legacy of ancient Chinese healers may still hold valuable insights and inspiration. (Image: Xue Lei Ma via Dreamstime)

How Medicine Is Practiced at One Hospital in China

A Chinese hospital.

The oncology department of a hospital in Shandong Province hired a recent graduate from Tianjin Medical University. (Image: via Pixabay)

Ancient Chinese Doctors Only Thought of How to Best Treat Patients (Part 2)

Ancient Chinese Doctors Only Thought of How to Best Treat Patients (Part 1) 

Traditional chinese herbal medicine selection with a mortar and pestle.

Wang Sizhong had superb skills and noble medical ethics. His colleagues and patients believed he was the reincarnation of the Qin dynasty's famous doctors, Wen and Huan (BC 227-207). (Image: Marilyn Barbone via Dreamstime)

Practicing Medicine Requires Medical Ethics

A cup sitting on an open book containing Chinese writing.

The writings of ancient Chinese physicians such as Sun Simiao show us how much they valued medical ethics. (Image: 五玄土 ORIENTO via Unsplash)

Elon Musk: Brain Implants That Enable Telepathic Communication

Telepathy between brains.

Being able to telepathically communicate with another human being or machine has been a sci-fi hot topic for decades. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)