The Mysterious White Feathers: A Warning of the End of the Chinese Communist Party (Part 2)

White feathers falling from the sky.

In the tapestry of ancient cultures, Chinese and Jewish traditions, among others, offer profound insights into the celestial realm and its connection to humanity. (Image: Delfinista via Dreamstime)

Machine Learning ‘Phones Home’ for Famous ‘Black Beauty’ Martian Meteorite

Black Beauty meteorite.

Fragment of the Black Beauty meteorite. (Image: via NASA)

A Doghouse Hit by a Meteorite Just Sold for US$44,000

Doghouse with a rusted tin roof and the letter 'R' drawn on the front sits on a pad of astroturf with an orange food dish next to it inside Christie's auctionhouse.

This doghouse, former home of Rocky the German shepherd, sold at Christie's for US$44,100 after being struck by a meteorite. (Image: via Christie's)

What Is the Mars Connection to Earth and Is There Life on Mars?


A team of international scientists led by University of Toulouse astrophysicist Sylvestre Maurice, the study's primary author, evaluated the planet's acoustics for the first time. (Image: martinholverda via Envato Elements)

Rock Kept for Years Found to Be Rare Meteorite

Two meteorites.

Victoria resident Dave Hole had stumbled upon a 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite just outside Maryborough in 2015. (Image: via Melbourne Museum)

Earth’s Meteorite Impacts Over Past 500 Million Years Tracked

A meteor headed toward Earth.

Researchers have been studying geological series since the 19th century in order to reconstruct how flora, fauna, and the climate have changed over millions of years. (Image: 9866112 via Pixabay)

Struck by a Meteorite, Her Life Was Changed Forever

Shooting star or meteorite, the difference is vast depending on our point of view.

Occasionally, we hear of fragments of a meteorite falling from the sky, hitting someone, or a village. (Image: Artemk23 Dreamstime)