6 Reasons Why Millennials Love Houseplants


The 2019 National Gardening Survey revealed that spending on houseplants in the 18 – 34 age group had grown more than other age groups since 2014. (Image: Masta4650 via Dreamstime)

Intergenerational Housing: A Golden Opportunity for Seniors and Young Adults

An older and a younger woman taliking.

More young adults are now opting for rental arrangements with people in their 60s and 70s. (Image: Peter Maszlen via Dreamstime)

Millennials: Targeting the Biggest Consumer Group in History

A millennial looking at a graph on a laptop.

Millennials are well informed, tech-savvy, and eager to be regarded as individuals rather than as just part of the general audience. (Image: via Unsplash)

8 Areas Millennials Can Upgrade

A group of Millennials taking a selfie.

Millennials may benefit by focusing on these areas in life. (Image: Mirko Vitali via Dreamstime)

Indian Millennials Return to Simple Living and Traditions

Mountainous rural India.

Millennials are seeking solace in places where natural serenity is abundant and they don't mind giving up on a few urban amenities. (Image: Paul Hamilton via Flickr)

Why Millennials Have Trouble Saving Money

Young African American woman holding a piggybank with some $20 bills sticking out of it.

There appears to be a disparity between most Millennials' ideal saving habits and what they're actually doing. (Image: Jason Stitt via Dreamstime)

Millennials’ Views on COVID and Conspiracy Theories

A couple chatting over coffees.

A happy or smiling face is always a welcome sight, while no one likes angry, annoyed, or painful faces. (Image: via Pixabay)

How I Survived the Coronavirus Lockdown: A Guide for Millennials

Woman wearing a face mask.

Of all the people affected by the lockdown, it was possibly the Millennial generation that was hit the hardest. (Image: Ani Kolleshi via Unsplash)

Millennials Turn to Astrology When Stressed Out

The zodiac signs.

More and more Millennials are turning to astrology to help deal with the anxieties of life, love, and work. (Image: gabschgarella via Pixabay)

Holiday Shopping: Millennials Buying More Christmas Trees

Dragging a freshly cut Christmas tree through the snow.

Millennials seem to be the leading group when it comes to buying Christmas trees. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)