6 Anti-Fatigue Foods

Breakfast table set with a bowl of rolled oats, bananas, mango and milk in the bottle on pale purple and light blue linen placemats.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, different foods are nourishing for different parts of the body and help them recover from fatigue, such as bananas for leg fatigue. (Image: Sabina Pensek via Dreamstime)

11 Brain Foods

A white porcelain bowl filled with red Chinese dates.

Modern studies show that Chinese red dates contain protein, saccharides, and organic acids. (Image: Mona Mok via Unsplash)

7 Healthy and Delicious Millet Porridge Variations

Millet porridge with bananas and goji berries.

Millet porridge is good for your health and you can enjoy it as a porridge. (Image: via Flickr)