Monk Ming Dian Calmed a Stormy Sea by Throwing a Handful of Soil Into It

Sunset over Thun Lake.

After explaining his affairs to his children and straightening his outfit the next day, he closed his eyes and left peacefully. (Image: Evgeniy Fesenko via Dreamstime)

Incurable Pain Is a Debt From a Previous Life

Dark Zen stones sit in a pile.

As a last resort for her incurable pain, a woman seeks treatment from an acupuncture clinic and shares a vivid dream with the doctor. (Image: Maya333 via Dreamstime)

Xuyun, the Most Eminent Monk in Modern China

A brown leaf on a twig.

The life of Xuyun, the most eminent monk in modern China, is a legendary tale. (Image: A_Peach via Pxhere)

Daolu, the Chinese Monk Who’s the ‘Father’ of 400 Children (Part 1)

Two ultrasound pictures of unborn infants hung up on a piece of twine by clothes pins with red hearts glued to them.

In the eyes of monks, abortion is an act of killing lives and creates karma, while saving lives is an act of compassion. (Image: Minyun Zhou via Dreamstime)

2 Legendary Tales: Monks Taming Tigers

Bengal tiger lying on the grass..

China has many interesting stories about the majestic tiger including these two about spiritual cultivators taming them. (Image: Jonathan Ross via Dreamstime)

How Gong Yuan Found Out That Heaven Knows Everything

A view of the sun shining on clouds over the sea.

Often we do things and conceal our thoughts, unaware that heaven knows everything we think. (Image: Vedran Tomić via Dreamstime)

A Monk Suffered Retribution After Using Buddha Dharma to Make Money

A statue of a golden buddha.

In the next instant, he suddenly saw several people with golden bodies and bald heads supporting the wall that was about to collapse above his head. (Image: Tosoongnern via Dreamstime)

How a Blooming Flower Taught a Young Monk Not to Show Off

Statues of 3 monks with a flowering plant hanging nearby.

He was impatient, vain, and self-centered. The master thought about the situation and decided to help the little monk to change his ways. (Image: Samuel Berner via Unsplash)

Emperor Wu of Liang: China’s First Monk Emperor

Emperor Wu was ambitious, and there were many famous generals under him. His reign resulted in a vast territorial expansion. (Image: Public Domain)

Legend of the Spiritual Lingzhi Mushroom of Immortality

Fresh lingzhi mushrooms.

It is said that a wild Lingzhi mushroom (also known as the reishi mushroom) can benefit your spirituality more than any other herb or substance known. (Image: via Pixabay)