Ancient Chinese Wisdom: Brotherly Love and Virtue

Two brothers sitting on a wooden bench by a lake in the fall.

In traditional Chinese culture, the bond between brothers is considered to be one of the most important relationships a person can have. (Image: Mikhailova Elena via Dreamstime)

Feng Shui Expert Reveals the Secret to Wealth and Prosperity (Part 2)

An Asian businessman thankful for his blessings.

Ancient Chinese wisdom says that one's life and fortune come from three elements: fate, luck, and feng shui. (Image: Shao-chun Wang via Dreamstime)

Feng Shui Expert Reveals the Secret to Wealth and Prosperity (Part 1)

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing standing at a podium outdoors to give a speech.

Li Ka-shing, a legendary Hong Kong businessman, attributes much of his success in life to the guidance of his feng shui master. (Image: EdTech Stanford University School of Medicine via Flickr)

Want to Become a Good Man, Then Hone These Qualities as a Boy

Smiling African American boy sitting on the beach.

If you instill these qualities into your son, he'll grow up to be a man you can be proud of. (Image: Spotmatik via Dreamstime)

Virtuous Liu Lishun Avoids Temptation and Wins Gold in the Imperial Exam

A robed official ready to administer the Imperial Examination.

A scholar who placed a high value on morals and character is blessed by Heaven with the highest score in the Imperial Examination – a Golden First. (Image: Qiqming Zhou via Dreamstime)

Children’s Blessings Are Related to Their Parents!

Asian girl using a computer in the classroom.

Throughout history, the greatest hope of parents is that their children will become talented and blessed. (Image: Supakitmod via Dreamstime)

Life Lessons: This Businessman Adopted More Than a Daughter

A hospital emergency room entrance.

This event went well beyond common medical sense and can only be described as a genuine miracle. (Image: Mark Winfrey via Dreamstime)

Why Chinese Don’t Help Each Other

A crowd of people in a shopping district in Chengdu, China.

The attitude of modern versus ancient Chinese toward helping those in need offers us a striking contrast. (Image: Monkeyparty420 via Dreamstime)

How a Blooming Flower Taught a Young Monk Not to Show Off

Statues of 3 monks with a flowering plant hanging nearby.

He was impatient, vain, and self-centered. The master thought about the situation and decided to help the little monk to change his ways. (Image: Samuel Berner via Unsplash)

General Huang Zhong Valued Honor Over His Own Life

A picture from 'The Three kingdoms.'

'The Romance of the Three Kingdoms' is a Chinese novel that describes an era in which a group of warlords divided China into several separate states. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)