iPhones Made in India

An iStore in India.

One company that assembles iPhones for Apple is apparently trying to relocate some of its production lines from China to India. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Will Vietnam Take Over a Big Chunk of China’s Manufacturing?

A worker welding.

For companies looking to exit China following its trade war with the U.S., Vietnam has emerged as a favorite destination. (Image: JonKline via Pixabay)

Big Tech Companies Are Saying Goodbye to China

An HP laptop.

HP is looking at moving some production out of China. (Image: Monoar_CGI_Artist via Pixabay)

‘Bye-Bye China’: Chinese Exporters Moving Overseas to Avoid Tariffs

A bustling city in Myanmar.

Fearing U.S. tariffs will significantly damage revenues, several exporters from China are moving production to Myanmar and other nations. (Image: Dudva via Wikimedia Commons)

‘US Doing Economic Terrorism,’ Says China

Trade War Starting to Hit Chinese Manufacturing Where It Hurts

The U.S.-China trade war.

Several surveys now show that manufacturing businesses are seriously considering shifting production out of China due to the U.S.-China trade war. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

As U.S. Sanctions Stay Tough, China Is Cozying Up to Japan

Under pressure from U.S. tariffs, Beijing is trying to forge better relationships with Japan in a bid to build a new world order with China at the center. (Image: kantei.go.jp via Wikimedia Commons)