‘Discovery’ of an Invisible Organ called a Meridian

Female acupuncture meridians.

Because of his solid foundation and his willingness to learn, Li cured many complex and complicated illnesses. (Image: Björn Wylezich via Dreamstime)

Traditional Chinese Medicine: How to Warm Acupoints With a Hairdryer

Smiling and waving Thai woman in magenta top standing in front of Chinese paintings..

How to warm acupoints with a hairdryer. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Traditional Chinese Medicine: How a Hairdryer Can Keep the Whole Body Fit

A hairdryer.

A hairdryer can be used to heat the acupuncture points. (Image: Hans via Pixabay)

Heel Pain: Here’s How You Can Put Your Foot Down

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, heel pain may be caused by a kidney deficiency. (Image: Daniel Max via Flickr)