Nourishing Your Liver: 5 Foods for Optimal Liver Health

Boiled green mung beans with sugar syrup.

Mung beans promote the rapid expulsion of toxins from the body, lightening the load on the liver and enhancing its detoxification function. (Image: Teen00000 via Dreamstime)

An Introduction to 6 Important Ingredients Used in TCM

Ginseng root and extract.

Ginseng is widely referred to as a Chinese herb. Although its taste might not suit everyone, it is believed to help cure illnesses and replenish qi (vital energy). (Image: Sierpniowka via Dreamstime)

What Is ‘Dampness’ and How to Treat This Debilitating Condition

A sick woman lying in bed covered with a blanket.

Individuals who are sensitive to seasonal and temperature changes and readily catch a cold clearly show a sign of lowered immunity.(Image: Manit Larpluechai via Dreamstime)

9 Summer Foods to Beat the Heat

Dragon fruit cut in half.

Eating more dragon fruit and staying away from irritating foods can help improve bad skin conditions. (Image: via Pixabay)