A Grandfather Kills Over a Debt, and His Grandsons Pay for His Crime

The wheel of karma.

If one kills a person or steals, karma will require payment either now or in the future. (Image: Alexander Zhenzhirov via Dreamstime)

A Brave Daughter Serves Her Father and Protects a Magistrate’s Party

A female martial arts expert.

In the Changyi area, currently the northwestern part of the Shandong Peninsula, lived an armed escort named Sun Liang, who was highly skilled, brave, and fierce. Zhuang Gu, his daughter, was equally gifted in martial arts as her father. (Image: Kung Fu via CW)

How a Dream Solved Hong Kong’s Shocking Murder Case

Hong Kong celebrity Cai Tianfeng.

The murder of Hong Kong celebrity, Cai Tianfeng, has deeply shocked the general public. (Image: Cai Tianfeng via Instagram)

Tales of Mysterious Retribution Following Murder and Thievery

An active crime scene.

People know that committing a crime can send them to jail, but can people receive retribution in other ways? (Image: Fernando Gregory via Dreamstime)